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Welcome to The World View Classes Web Page

This Page was established as a resource for those attending the Local World View Classes as well as anyone studying or teaching the World Views of the Western World curriculum any where and every where. The Links below contain Modified and Alternative lesson plans for each week in the teaching syllabus. It also contains helps and links to related materials, as well as suggestions for teaching the material in a classroom or Co-op setting.

Classes will be held at Christ Fellowship Church
2801 Orchid Dr., McKinney, TX 75070

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Now Registering for 2016 - 2017 School Year.

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Lecture and Video Series There are a number of Mr. Tillman's lectures that will be posted on these pages. Three important series are posted on the Video page and are free to the public. The first series is entitled Understanding Worldviews, It replaces the first video in the Part I Syllabus and is required for all of Mr.Tillman's students to watch. The Second series is entitled The Transformation of a Culture. This is an overview of how Ideas move from the Realm of Ideas into Cultural Realities that affect they way we live. Christianity drastically affected western culture. Ideas hostile to Christianity have made huge changes in the last two centuries. The third is Classical Education with a Biblical Worldview Every parent needs to evaluate their children's education to determine what they are exposed to and what is shaping their worldview. How can we use the resources available to us today to teach our children from a Biblical World View and transform the culture we live in?

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